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A Christmas EP including two songs from the soundtrack of our always-in-progress Christmas movie.

Everything by Luke and Paul. Additional vocals on "I Want a Surboard (for Christmas)" by Tessa.


released December 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Loop Line Minneapolis, Minnesota

Luke lives in Phoenix. Paul lives in Minneapolis. We make music together with the help of the internet.

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Track Name: We Know Santa's Real
We know Santa's real cause we rode on his sleigh
We took off from a field on a stormy Saturday
The reindeer lifted off as we flew into the snow
We navigated through thanks to Rudolph's glowing nose

We know Santa's real cause he took us to the pole
We saw the naughty list and the matching lumps of coal
We saw the little elves with their tools and their plans
Making all the toys with their little elven hands

We don't mind what they say,
Santa's real, and on Christmas day
He's gonna arrive with presents in tow
We don't have to believe because we know

And we know Santa's real cause he took us to the mall
He pulled off what was probably the greatest prank of all
He dressed up as a kid in a dirty baseball cap
He got in line and jumped up on the phony Santa's lap
The phony Santa screamed and it echoed through the place
His phony Santa beard fell off his phony Santa face
The kids laughed and screamed as they jumped up and down
They realized the real Santa Claus had come to town

Track Name: I Want a Surboard (for Christmas)
Well I'm hoping and I'm praying
And I'm asking and I'm wishing for a surfboard (for Christmas)
But my parents think I'm crazy
Cause we're living in a city filled with snow (surf is frozen)

But what if we win the lottery
And end up with a beach house in Waikiki?

Then I wouldn't have to feel so silly
Asking Santa for a Surfboard (for Christmas)
Not to mention global warming's gonna cover earth in H20
(Sinking Christmas)

The North Pole will be sticking out of the sea
And that's when Santa will turn to me and ask
"Young man, with your board so tight
Won't you guide my boat tonight?"

I know he's real, I've been real good

And what if we wake up and look outside
And see an endless hoard of zombies (on Christmas)?
Well I'd hack 'em and I'd slash 'em
With the freshly sharpened edges of my board (we gotta defeat them)

Well they'd keep coming and coming up out of their graves
And I'll keep cutting and cutting and breaking the waves
So if you wanna live through the holidays
Listen to the kids when you hear them say

Well I'm hoping and I'm praying
And I'm asking and I'm wishing for a surfboard
Well I'm fixing and I'm jonesing
And I'm begging and I'm pining for a surfboard

For Christmas